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Triptides is shedding the word psychedelic; from its vocabulary. Maybe

because after over a decade of adventurous songs and albums across

genres and styles—ranging from bedroom pop to prog rock to Laurel

Canyon country—the term interdimensional feels more appropriate to the

Southern California-based band.

Driven by the songwriting mind of multi-instrumentalist Glenn Brigman with

longtime collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Stephen Burns, Triptides is

moving through a galaxy of music following only their own compass. And

with their latest album, Starlight (coming April 2023 via Curation Records),

the duo proves there is a lot more they wish to explore.

In an almost-jazzy fusion of electric keyboard textures and dancefloor

grooves, the latest eleven-song LP dips and dives into the worlds of

Stereolab, Steely Dan and Cortex. With tightly interwoven rhythm guitars

and basslines, coupled with Brigman’s keen sense of melody and harmony,

there’s a new energy shining through with Starlight.

It’s quite a departure from last year’s laid back acoustic strummer, So Many

Days, and it’s lightyears from the surf-rock-cassette era of the group. But

despite the unexpected movements, from the sounds and structures, you

can instantly tell that it’s Triptides behind the wheel—ready to launch you to

another star.



CC: 250 kr + avgift

Doors: 20:00

ID: 20


ID: 20

Vi følger alltid gjeldende covid-19 restriksjoner.