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From Oslo's dynamic black metal and goth scene to London's forefront, Ray Noir is a potent force among the emerging alt. queer artists in the city. His latest mixtape, "Scorpio," propelled him to the Top 5 on the German Alternative Charts (DAC). Noir's music is a scintillating journey from sleazy street-corners to shady superstardom, earning a notable 4/5 rating from Kerrang! Magazine. Whilst his track “You, Me & The Devil” feat. Tom Saint earned him track of the week at BBC Radio 1’s - Future Alternative. 

Pioneering Alt.goth and electro metal, Noir has captivated Kerrang!, Side-Line Magazine, Attitude, and Esquire Magazine. His fearless 'gender-fuck' attitude and iconic visuals create a captivating stage presence. From commanding stages across UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and Japan to the electric energy of recent sold-out shows, including the release party at London's Blondies, Noir is a formidable force in the alternative music scene.

Collaborations with acclaimed producers like KANGA and Samantha Togni, along with upcoming work with Grammy award-winning guitarist Steve Stevens, add depth and diversity to Noir's musical odyssey. 

Live lineup: Ray Noir (Vocals) and Evan Mansell (Drums). 

Don't miss the electrifying experience and catch Ray Noir live and witness the evolution of Alt.goth and electro metal firsthand!


"Piston Damp is an electronic pop duo that consists of Jonas Groth and Truls Sønsterud; Jonas being the singer/songwriter/producer, with more than 20 years’ experience from both stages and studios all over the world, mostly connected to his brother, Stephan’s band, Apoptygma Berzerk. He also has connections to various other acts like Magenta and The Anix. His production partner is Truls; musical arranger/keyboardist/songwriter, connected to various bands since the late 90’s.

In 2020 they released their debut-single, «Something In Me» to great critical acclaim and both national and international airplay + club play.

They’ve since released a string of singles, their debut album, «Making The World Great Again», and 3 singles from their coming album.

They’ve played intensively in Sweden, Germany and Norway, but this is the very first chance to catch them in Oslo. They are packing new material into their set and are hungry for sharing the live experience with more people!"


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