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OMEN (US) // REVOLVER // Septic Order presents

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They always say “Third Time Lucky” and getting Omen to play Oslo will be just that. Originally booked to play at Revolver in 2017, then a second date in 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic; and now, finally we have a third and hopefully last date for this legendary band. The forefathers of power metal, since 1983 Omen has forged their unique style of hard hitting metal starting with their debut album "Battle Cry" on Metal Blade Records. Featuring such hits as "The Axeman" , "Death Rider" and "In the Arena" the release quickly became a heavy metal classic and "The Axeman" was featured on the soundtrack for the heavy metal themed game Brutal Legend in 2009. Omen's follow up release in 1985 "Warning of Danger" cemented their reputation for bone crushing heavy metal with classic tracks such as "Hell's Gate" and "Don't Fear the Night". In 1986 Omen released the "The Curse" on Capitol Records which was their first release on a major US label and in Japan the band climbed to number 14 on the Burn! charts. Omen continues to record and tour, having done previous notable tours with the likes of Fates Warning and Manilla Road. Hell's Gate is open in 2022 and beyond! Let us hear your Battle Cry!

CC: 250 kr + avgift

Doors: 20:00

ID: 20


ID: 20

Vi følger alltid gjeldende covid-19 restriksjoner.