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Fleshless Entity (slv) / supp.: Morgrim // REVOLVER

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Fleshless Entity hails from El Salvador's capital San Salvador and plays aggressive blackened death metal that rivals even the top names within the genre. Founded in 2015, they have released two EPs in 2016 and 2020 before they released their debut album "Unborn Rising" in 2023 via Nebula Forest Productions.  Now in 2024, they are on their album release tour through Latin America and Europe with their "Rise With the Unborn" tour, and as part of this, they will unleash chaos onto Oslo in the basement at Revolver. Expect thundering blast beats, riffing that hits you like a sonic wall, harsh and brutal vocals and it's all sprinkled with that latin american twist, making this a show you can't miss. Come and have your eardrums assaulted as this beast takes the stage, you'll regret it if you don't!

Morgrim is a death metal band from the western part of Norway and after being in hiatus for some years, they are currently working on their debut album, so you might end up hearing some new tracks if you're already familiar with this band. Their angry, loud death metal blends themes of war and destruction with an industrial feeling of dread that translates to a fantastic soundscape that needs to be experienced!


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