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ERRORR band are one of the most compelling new acts in the contemporary underground scene

and brings an unadulterated crassness to the table that hasn’t been seen in a while. Their live

shows are incredibly energetic and given the opportunity, a must-catch. With their debut Album

“Self Destruct” they have managed to capture the raw energy of a packed concert and put it on a

12-inch disc that will be released in three colors. 

ERRORR are releasing their debut album SELF DESTRUCT on the 3rd of March via Anomic Records.

ERRORR was founded by Leonard Kaage; the Swedish multi-instrumentalist also known as the

producer and guitar player of The Underground Youth has also worked with numerous other

bands like Kristof Hahn (SWANS), Tess Parks, The Blue Angel Lounge and many more. In 2019

after touring and producing for and with other bands Leonard took the opportunity to start anew

on a blank canvas with his own instrumentation, production and arrangements. The first dem-

os were developed in his studio, whenever he found time between recording jobs and tours in

Europe, Asia and the US. After a few months the characteristic sound of the four-piece found its

shape or rather the lack thereof:

Loud guitars and punchy fuzz bass supported by catchy drum beats. All those elements converge

into a wall of sound that Leonards’s vocal delivery cuts through to make screaming ‘noise’ a pop


CC: 250 kr + avgift

Doors: 20:00

ID: 20


ID: 20

Vi følger alltid gjeldende covid-19 restriksjoner.